The roundtable was created in 2018 thanks to the work of many key players. Together, they wished to ensure a better representation of Sherbrooke’s community of immigrants, and to simplify newcomers’ arrival. These agents of change included the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration, the City of Sherbrooke, and Sherbrooke Ville en santé.

In 2019, a first meeting of immigration stakeholders was held to establish the key terms of the roundtable. This was soon followed by improvements to the assistance provided to immigrants in Sherbrooke.

Establishing a framework

The roundtable’s framework has been reworked by its members many times. It is continually adapted and evolves according to the roundtable’s members. Among other things, the framework serves as a tool for welcoming new roundtable members. It also fosters a sense of belonging by enabling everyone to contribute according to the challenges they face.

The type of governance chosen by the roundtable is based on a logic of working together as a network with all possible stakeholders, so that power is distributed rather than centralized. This is a form of governance focused on agility, accountability and interdependence.



To do everything we can to make Sherbrooke a model when it comes to welcoming and including immigrants.


To stimulate collaboration between immigration stakeholders in Sherbrooke in order to welcome, support and promote the inclusion of immigrants and their families in the city.


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